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Established in 1967 by Owen Lewis, Owen Lewis & Son has grown to be one of Pembrokeshire’s leading transport companies. Owen started the business as a local livestock company which he was then accompanied by his son Keith in 1982. Owen’s grandsons Anthony & Oliver then joined the business in early 2000.

Owen Lewis & Son makes business flow. As one of the Pembrokeshires leading logistics companies, we design and implement industry-leading solutions in freight management, delivering operational excellence — we aim to provide our customers with a first class service and full visibility throughout the transport process. Using only quality carriers, means you benefit from improved service levels, greater flexibility and time-definite deliveries. Our expertise in transport management and planning allows us to design a solution that meets your needs and also quickly respond to any disruption.

Low Loader Transport

What we carry

Low Loaders are the ideal vehicle for many road haulage applications. The key advantage of using Low Loaders is the additional height available. As the trailer bed is lower than traditional trailers, it offers the ability to carry legal loads up to 3.6m that conventional trailers could not.

Our fleet is commonly put to use for:

Plant and Machinery.
Concrete slabs and building products.
Concrete, Machinery, Construction Elements.
Vehicle transportation.
Agricultural and Industrial Equipment.

A Low Loader is a semi-trailer that has two drops in trailer height one drop right after the gooseneck and one drop in front of the rear axles. This allows the trailer bed to be extremely low compared to normal trailers.

This allows for abnormal loads, ideally suited for plant and machinery transport as well as your Heavy Haulage requirements.

Refrigerated Transport

What we carry

Catering for a wide range of temperatures and equipped with the latest real-time monitoring technology, our trailers frequently transport the following:

  • Frozen Foods – We’re fully certified to carry frozen food goods, whether that’s from the manufacturer to the depot or as part a national distribution network. Our dual temperature fridges allow us to maintain two separate freezer temperatures or a part-frozen, part refrigerated loads, depending on your requirements.
  • Flowers & Chilled Food Goods – From farm to depot, we can create the perfect microclimate within our trailer so that flowers, leaf vegetables and other delicate plants look as crisp and vibrant on the shop floor as they did in the field. We can also carry dairy goods, meats and other food goods at the required temperatures.
  • Medicines & Healthcare – We can maintain medicines at the precise temperature they need for a full transcontinental voyage if required. Our dual-compartment fridges also help to reduce transport costs by enabling clients to move goods at two temperatures on the same trailer.  Learn more about our pharma transport service
  • Volatile Chemicals – We’re certified to carry almost every ADR classification of goods; when you need to transport temperature-sensitive chemicals, our highly trained drivers will treat your cargo with the precise care and attention it deserves. Learn more about our chemical transport service
  • Specialist Materials – We understand how a variation of just a few degrees in temperature can have a big impact on the lifespan of materials like uncured carbon fibre composite.

Livestock Transport

What we carry

Operating from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Owen Lewis & Son Livestock Transport is one of Wales most respected livestock transport companies. The family-run Company transports all types of cattle, including commercial, pedigree beef cattle and dairy cattle as well as pigs, sheep and goats throughout Wales and the UK.


All animals are handled with due care and attention, with the Owen Lewis & Son  team always going to great lengths to ensure their journey is as stress free as possible. The company’s modern fleet of trailers are fitted with the latest technology, including lifting floors and temperature-controlled systems, while all animals have access to fresh water throughout the journey.

“Our trailers have automatic ventilation and automatic watering systems. They are cleaned thoroughly after every trip. Animal welfare is very important to us.

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