Refrigerated Transport

What we carry

Catering for a wide range of temperatures and equipped with the latest real-time monitoring technology, our trailers frequently transport the following:

  • Frozen Foods – We’re fully certified to carry frozen food goods, whether that’s from the manufacturer to the depot or as part a national distribution network. Our dual temperature fridges allow us to maintain two separate freezer temperatures or a part-frozen, part refrigerated loads, depending on your requirements.
  • Flowers & Chilled Food Goods – From farm to depot, we can create the perfect microclimate within our trailer so that flowers, leaf vegetables and other delicate plants look as crisp and vibrant on the shop floor as they did in the field. We can also carry dairy goods, meats and other food goods at the required temperatures.
  • Medicines & Healthcare – We can maintain medicines at the precise temperature they need for a full transcontinental voyage if required. Our dual-compartment fridges also help to reduce transport costs by enabling clients to move goods at two temperatures on the same trailer.  Learn more about our pharma transport service
  • Volatile Chemicals – We’re certified to carry almost every ADR classification of goods; when you need to transport temperature-sensitive chemicals, our highly trained drivers will treat your cargo with the precise care and attention it deserves. Learn more about our chemical transport service
  • Specialist Materials – We understand how a variation of just a few degrees in temperature can have a big impact on the lifespan of materials like uncured carbon fibre composite.